National Park

    National Park is one of the best place to visit in Mumbai. Tourism to national parks has increased considerably over time. The term National Park is perceived as a brand name that is associated with nature-based tourism and it symbolizes a "high quality natural environment with a well-designed tourist infrastructure"

    The Sanjay Gandhi National Park, previously known as the Borivali National Park, is no ordinary park. Attracting more than two million tourists a year as one of Asia’s most visited parks, this lush green marvel has immense historic, geographic, ecological and artistic significance. From a tiger resident population to over 2,000-years-old Buddhist caves, there’s almost nothing this park doesn’t have.

    The park has its own toy train or tram, called Van Rani(jungle queen) which runs on a narrow gauge railway. Over 25 years old, the train was discontinued in 2001 due to its poor condition, upsetting much of the city. Luckily service resumed in 2004 after renovations. The tiny train, with a seating capacity of about 25, goes through various bridges and tunnels by part of the jungle inhabited by deer.

    If the lakes, greenery or historical sites don’t interest you, maybe the park’s wildlife will. The park claims to be home to more than 20 lions and about four tigers housed in separate semi-confined areas. Visitors can opt to take a 20-minute lion or tiger safari to observe these fascinating creatures. The park also features a large number of leopards as well as a range of other indigenous animals including the spotted deer, Indian flying foxes, Hanuman langurs and sambar deer.