"This iconic landmark is usually the first stop for people exploring Mumbai, and the perpetual throngs of tourists and street vendors at Gateway of India create a lively, colorful atmosphere. Enjoy fine views of the harbor and the grand Taj Mahal Hotel opposite".

    TIPS :

      • The ferry to Elephanta Island departs from here. During monsoon season, the sea is very choppy and ferry frequency is limited; avoid traveling during this time if possible.
      • Weekends are extremely crowded, so go on a weekday if you can. On weekends, try going early (8am is good).
      • The Gateway is open everyday, except for parade days (such as the Navy Day parade on December 2).
      • There is a security check to enter the Gateway area, with separate queues for men and women
      • This is an open area without any shade, and it gets very hot in the middle of the day.
      • The 30-minute public ferry rides are a fun way to see the harbor. You can purchase tickets on the spot (there is no advance booking.


                              Gate Way Of India